History of Logis de l'Epinière

Built on the south banks of the River Boutonne, on the edge of the flood plains, l’Epinière, in the hamlet of Les Noulliers, Charente Maritime, lies on an ancient site.

We can trace the various owners and occupiers from as early as 1461 using information from local archives. We understand the site was first used as a dwelling for a Lord in the mid 15th century, later becoming the residence of Nicolas de Montaigne, Abbot of the local area, from there passing to the family Puyrigaud, followed by the Count of Miossens, Francois d’Albret, following the Counts death in 1671 the ownership passed to the Bobènes, who, records tell us, lived here until 1841.

History of l’Epinière

We understand that the Logis itself, which is our home today, was built in or around 1640. Obviously since this time it has undergone extensive change, however through archaeological findings and historical research we have tried to piece together how the property would have looked originally, in order to help us to reinstate the Logis to its former glory.
The building itself gives us clues, for example we can see the remains of an imposing staircase in the heart of the house, which would have given access to four vast rooms on each level of the property.
We can see that the external cornice is now much lower than it would originally have been and it is finished off with a large pediment from the 19th century. These various changes to and aspects of the original building, tell their own story of how history has influenced the various styles.
To the west of the property lies a beautiful old farmhouse dating back to the 19th century, sitting harmoniously in its surrounding countryside. To the north is the original farm courtyard, with its ancient buildings, which indicate that despite the nobility of the early days of this property, more recently its history lies in farming.

Arrived in 2008, the current owners -Laurence and Pierric Couturier- renovated this charming house for their family life and some guests wishing to discover the authentic Saintonge.

pierric Couturier
Pierric, Laurence & Caroline Couturier.